Grape Harvest 2020

Harvest 2020 is here! Today is the first day of grape harvest season. It’s been such a tricky year for people, the grape vines know nothing of a pandemic. They continue to grow and the fruit looks stunningly beautiful. We’ve got harvesters doing the work and being socially distant but having a great time outside in the sunshine and in the fresh air.

So today, we are harvesting primarily 3 different varieties of white grapes. Our Traminette, from the German Gew├╝rztraminers family, the Chardonel, which is from the Chardonnay family, and Melody. We’ll take all this fruit down the hill and crush will begin! Starting to make wine for next years releases will really happen!

It takes about 9 months for the whites to go through the fermentation and aging process. Reds take a little longer but whites take about 9 months.

If you have a chance to come out and enjoy these last weeks of summer, we would love to have you! Come outside, enjoy a little sunshine and fresh air! We can absolutely sip on some 2018 and 2019 fruit when you come out. We would love to see you anytime. CHEERS!