Lucky Dog Hard Cider

Our handcrafted, locally made hard cider is made from 3 culinary apples sourced from our friends and neighbor, The Louisburg Cider Mill. This dry cider is smooth with a bull dog bite! Lucky Dog hard cider won a silver medal at the Seattle Cider Awards, and we couldn’t be more proud!

What is Hard Cider?

Hard cider is an alcoholic drink made from fermenting the juice from apples. Here are Somerset Ridge Winery, we decided the perfect way to make our hard cider would be by keeping things local, and partnering with the home of Kansas City’s favorite cider donut, The Louisburg Cider Mill! In short, hard cider is just regular (non-alcoholic) cider with yeast added and sat for a few weeks to let it ferment. The alcohol content in our Lucky Dog Hard Cider is about 8%. Hard cider is gluten-free. 

Fun things to do with Hard Cider

Well of course, our favorite thing to do with our Lucky Dog Hard Cider is drink it! It drinks kind of like a dry champagne and is so refreshing on a hot day! What other things can you do with a hard cider? We have tons of recipes, cocktails and meals, that use our Lucky Dog, and all fun and delicious!  Definitely check out a couple of our cocktail kits that use Lucky Dog hard cider:

French 75 cocktail kit
Somerset Sangria
Mulled Wine

We have created a couple of at-home cocktails to make with stuff that you have handy. Some of our favorite cocktails to make at home are:

Lucky Dog Moscow Mule

Lucky Dog Sangria

Spiced Lucky Dog Fizz

Love is Hard… So is our cider